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 placeholder-abou-usBespoke Design

Many bespoke solutions are now standard in the INTEGRA range, with over 85% of shipments being bespoke requests, our stock range has been increased to assist our partners with the same fast lead time on many additional products.

Partners engaging on project installations requiring technical support can request a site visit to ensure all specification options are considered and that quotation options are fully explored, based on budget requirements, true life cycle of products for installation, growth and expansion. Specific briefs available for Data Centers, Broadcasting, Specialist Comms and other bespoke installation environments.

INTEGRA has a strong market share in the products listed below as bespoke solutions. All partners can utilize our bespoke design service, which includes 3D CAD imaging and line drawings showing full dimensions, weights and overall functionality.  Often clients request a prototype unit to ensure specific layout and dimensions that are put forward at design stage are 100% correct for project installation, before full production.

  • RH and LH rack mounted units
  • Specific socket layout designs
  • Single and three phase options
  • Power Metered products
  •  PDU’s requiring full circuit protection via MCB’s
  •  PDU’s requiring RCD protection
  • Surge suppression and RFI filtering
  •  Individually Fused protection
  • Locking socket PDU outlets
  •  Assistance with correct balance loading on circuits