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Introduction to the INTEGRA Combination C13-C19 IEC Range 

  • Vertical Units Versions, Available in 5 Different sizes
  • Custom sizes available - Ideal for floor and wall mounting 


  • Horizontal Units 1U, Versions, Available in 3 Different sizes
  • Custom sizes available - Ideal for rack mounting 


  • Options as standard: 
  • Red illuminated Neon indicator 
  • Illuminated double switch c/w switch cover protection 
  • MCB/RCBO/RCD Circuit Protection 
  • Other UK Rangers:
  • UK Filtered PDU Range
  • UK Metered PDU Range


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The INTEGRA Individually Fused C13 IEC Range  

image-placeholder-3colm (1)

1U 19'' Horizontal Individually Fused C13 IEC 's

Available in 3 different sizes

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Vertical Individually Fused C13 IEC's

Available in different sizes

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