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The Integra Smart Building Power System

Integra’s Branch Circuit Monitoring and Control system offers a simple, cost effective and flexible way to monitor and control the power to individual power and lighting circuits within any premises. Circuits (and individual outlets) can be monitored individually or in groups, and can be remotely powered ON or OFF over IP or Mod-bus (RS485).

Routine power usage reports can be sent as frequently as required, over various protocols and by text or email. Warnings and alarms can be sent if any circuit approaches its maximum capacity so that problems with supply can be anticipated and fixed before they become critical.

Each branch we monitor can be a PDU/MDU or sub circuit or a power or lighting circuit within a building or vehicle or at any kind of indoor or outdoor event or concert. Branches can be up to 63Amps, and can be single or three phases. Each monitoring node can handle up to 32 Integra systems (each system accessing up to 24 branches) from a single IP address. Information from Integra Monitoring nodes can be accessed directly or sent to any Network Management or Facilities Management package. There is no limit to the eventual circuit capacity of the system and information can be generated without any geographical constraints – wherever data can reach, we can report and control power.

No software is necessary to use the system – each Integra Branch Monitoring node has an inbuilt web browser (with security access protection) so that set-up and use is very simple. The system can be retro-fitted to existing electrical installations, and in many cases can be installed “hot”. Measured power can be reported as Amps, Watts, Volts, Kilowatt-hours and Power Factor, and if required, temperature and humidity sensors can be added as can volt-free contacts for conditions such as open doors, fire or smoke alarms.